I am coordinating the school outreach activities of my department (see also here). Below are some of my favorite projects and events; for full list of events, see our website. Feel free to contact me to discuss what we do!

Aliens and Neural Nets

We develop an interactive online lecture on binary classification, Artificial Intelligence – How deep neural network learn. It introduces core notions of machine learning in a playful and engaging way and leads students to an intuitive understanding of binary classification tasks and how artificial neural networks are employed in solving these.

A core goal of the workshop is to help demystify artificial intelligence. While artificial-intelligence methods have found widespread adoption and have increasing influence on individuals and society at large, big parts of the general public have had little exposure to its fundamental working principles and resulting limitations.

Computer Science Taster Days

We organize full-day events for secondary-school classes on our campus for a deep dive on computer science. We always have a great variety of workshops, many of which are developed and delivered by the students on my Communicating Computer Science module.

EDT Residentical Summer School

We run a residential summer school with the Engineering Development Trust. I organized the summer schools on Robotics & Autonomous Systems in 2022 and 2023 with various workshops and lectures in computer science, culminating in the LEGO Robot Competition.

Robot Programming Workshops

We are running several workshops that teach programming using little autonomous robots.


More immediately accessible is the block-based programming interface of Open Roberta Lab, which we use with our fleet of LEGO Mindstorm robots.


We maintain a full course on Programming in Python based on little Raspberry Pi based robots like the Pi2Go. The workbooks are available here.